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Animal Veterinarian in Napa

Our Veterinarian and Veterinary Hospital Serves Napa, California.

Welcome to our Veterinary Care and Hospital Web site. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible care for your pet. And we will provide you with useful, easy to understand information about your pets' health.

We have been providing quality veterinary care to the Napa and surrounding communities since our founding. We specialize in small and large animal medicine and surgery.

We have an experienced, friendly staff ready to help you with all of your pet's health care needs. It is our mission to provide the finest possible Veterinary Care for your pet, while providing you with a clear understanding of your pet's health needs.

We also provide fully supervised, climate controlled boarding facilities for all sizes of dogs and cats.

Below is a list of some of our services:
WELLNESS EXAM: Regardless if your pet is a teen, a "senior citizen: or anything in between, a "checkup" or wellness exam allows up to do a full physical exam of your pet. That way, we can identify medical problems or potential problems and give your pet the best quality of life.

VACCINATIONS: One of the reasons that your pets are living longer and healthier lives is because of vaccinations. For many pet diseases which used to be fatal, you can now make sure your pet gets a vaccine to keep it safe and help your pet live a long and healthy life.

MICROCHIPPING: Microchipping is a process where we perform a minor surgery on your pet to insert a chip with your contact information in it under the pet's skin. That way, if your pet gets lost, they can be returned to you, even if their collor has been lost or damaged.

SPAY & NEUTER: These proceedures sterize your pet. That way, they can not have (or create) additional pets. This is necessary, because each year, many pets are euthanized because there are not enough homes for them. Also, in female pets, these proceedures reduces cancer, prostate problems and uterine infections as wel as other medical problems for your pet.

SURGERY: We offer a wide range of surgical services for your pets. These include routine surgical proceedures as well as more complex surgical options. If your pet needs surgery, we have the facilities and expertise to help.

VETERINARY MEDICINE: We provide full veterinary medicine services for both small and large animals, including after hours emergency services.

BOARDING SERVICES: We provide fully supervised, climate controlled boarding services for both small and large dogs and cats.

GROOMING SERVICES: We provide full grooming services for dogs and cats. Our staff can fulfill all dipping and grooming services on site.

FOOD AND SUPPLIES: We carry several lines of food, health and grooming supplies for your pet.

For more information, please contact us by phone or text today at 707-277-1280. We look forward to serving you and your pets.


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